Hold on to Your Love

Release Date: 1997-01-01
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Hold on to Your Love

가사 歌詞 LYRICS

1 It's Never Too Late

I woke to the sunrise and I saw you standing there.

Hair in shimmering glisten and flowery flesh,

drenched in morning dew.

Oh, baby, how I love you!!!

It’s not just the way you look,

It’s the way that you are to me,

that brings me back to you.

You always fill my soul with love that captures me;

My body, my mind, and my soul, Oh God!!!

How I’m blessed to be in your breath of love.

It’s never too late to let me love you again.

How I long for your sweet embrace,

and tender loving touch, that you bring,

oh baby, take me and guide me to your world.

The world of love and sweet bliss,

I don’t wanna fight you baby.

I only want to love you.

Please tell me baby, it’s never too late, to love again.

Please let me be your man!

2 You've Got Me(under your spell)

Why do I, love you so, is it your smile,

or is it your tenderness?

Is it your looks?

Why must I feel this way?

You took me by surprise,

I can’t, let go, of this feeling,

inside my heart,

that takes my, back to you.

Is it, my infatuation, or is it Love?

You got me, under your spell, baby.

Free me, release me,

Cause I can’t hold back the feelings,

so just let me be, or take me,

back to you.

Why must I feel this way, in your love.

You got me under,

You got me under your spell.

Ohhh Ohhhh.

You got me, under your spell.

3 All Night Long

I need your love

I need your loving touch

need your tender kiss

need your sweet caress

I’ve been away so long

I missed you baby.

Moment of passion drove us apart,

but I realize it was the way back to you baby,

way back to you.

I want to hold you tight, till the stars all burn away,…

to drift together in the endless sea of desire.

Hurtin’ is for fools, and I want to be your Lover,

cause our love whooo’s us to the promised land.

The land of milk and honey,..

Love that never dies,…

I want to love you,… All night long!

Kiss me tight,… All night long.

Let me die in your loving arms.

I’ve loved you so, and I still love you.

We touched in silence, as we gaze at the stars.

Tell me you love me,

I’m the only one,

Release me to your heart.

I need your love, hm hmm

I want to love you all night long!

4 Hold On To Your Love

Here’s looking at you, your gentle smile,

and your hopeful tenderness.

Sweet child of mine.

How many times, have I told you,

that I’ll be there for you,

a sweet child of mine.

I meant every single word, that I’ve said to you.

If words can show how much I care for you,

I would never stop saying, I love you.

Take me to your heart, that’s where I belong.

What can I do to make you believe in me,

that you mean everything, to me.

Now it’s raining in my heart,

since you’ve been gone, ooohhh

Son, I wanna take you by the hand,

and walk the last mile for you.

I wanna hold you, love you, ’til the end of time.

You know, in my heart there’s always,

a place for you, to rest your weary head.

Don’t worry baby, time can heal the pain.

I know that the sweet angel of merch

will keep us together.

Countless beginnings, I’ve wondered,

how long must I wait to see you again;

I know, I must be strong, oooh yeah

and carry on, to hold your love again.

I’ll be loving you all my life,

I can’t get enough, of your sweet tenderness

In our hearts we wait, to hold on, hold on to our love,

I wanna hold on, hold on, to our love!

5 Woman

Woman, I love you, but I let you, slip away.

Woman, I miss you,

without you, I can’t go on.

Every moment, I’m without you,

every night, I try myself to sleep

It’s been a long time since I held

your, womanly ways, oh baby, whooo oooh.

Woman, I want you, to be near me always,

woman, I need you, more than words can say.

Without your loving arms, emptiness

is all around, throw away the chase

to our loneliness, whoo baby,

Please, don’t treat me this way?

Even if you leave me, I’ll find a way,

to carry on, ’till the dying day.

I’ll find you again, in my arms baby,

I need you to say.


Aaaaaah, need your love,

I need your love,

Whooooh, Yeah.

even if you leave me, I’ll find a way,

to carry on, ’till the dying day.

I’ll find you again, in my arms baby,

Ohhh baby, I need you to stay.

Aaaaahhhh, love you.

Don’t slip away, just hold on,

baby, I need you to stay.

I love you.

6 Welcome To My Hell

I see a pretty boy walking down the street,

I see a fat boy looking for his feet.

I see a rich boy driving a fancy car,

and a working man headin’ for the bar.

If you got no soul you got no balls,

had a lotta falls,

Welcome to my Hell.

If you got no head, you got no brain,

no use bitchin’ you’re gonna die.

I see a little girl poppin’ little pills,

I see an old lady going down hill.

I see lovers kissing in the park,

Jane with Kate, and Steve with Mark.

So Welcome one and all, come in for free,

you can never leave,

In Hell we will die.

7 Let's Dance The Night away

The day is dawning,

let’s celebrate

Together, hand in hand

let’s dance this night away

Come on people

all around the world

Let’s dance for peace and sing in harmony.

let our Love reach the Heavens above,

let’s just dance this night away.

Our love, has brought us together,

let’s just dance this night away.

8 Speechless!!

Music is a language,

We all Speak at once,

and it Sounds Good!

9 Let it Ride

I want to find what I’m looking for,

What does it take to get it.

I need you, you need me.

Let our Love carry through.

let it Ride.

Don’t Need no lap of lusury

Let it Ride.

I just need something to carry me through

If love can last ’till the end of time,

tell me baby if you’ll be mine.

What is it good for,

You know very well, so let it Ride,

Let it Ride.

Time doesn’t wait for us,

that’s the way it is baby,

What is it good for,

You know very well, so let it Ride.

Let it Ride.

10 Last Man Standing

I’ve been down & out

I’ve been throw in the gutter

but I’ll rise again.

You can push me around and kick me in the head

but I’ll be the Last Man Standing.

Come on and hurt me

get on your high horse and stomp me

If you must,

So be it.

I’ll see you again in HELL!!!!!

Come on and kick me again, yeah,

I’ll be the Last Man Standing.